Physiotherapy helps to restore movement and function when someone is affected by injury, illness, or reduced function. Traditionally physiotherapy relied on manual therapy; massage, manipulations, heat etc. Modern day physiotherapy, whilst still using these methods, relies on exercise and getting the patient moving.

The approach at Nu Physio and Fitness is very much geared towards getting you moving and functioning normally, and pain free as quickly as possible. This is done by using a mixture of manual therapies but encouraging exercise and movement to restore normal function at the earliest opportunity. Exercise is geared at a level appropriate to your injury and access to facilities/equipment.

Ongoing support is also offered as and when needed, your appointment does not end when you leave the clinic.

Nu Physio and Fitness work with patients with acute injuries, including sports injuries, and problems that can be resolved in just a few session and also chronic problems that may require a longer-term approach.

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