Sports Specific Coaching

Over the years Nu Physio and Fitness have worked with many sports people, designing and developing programmes to improve performance in their chosen sport.

It is often a critical eye and some small changes that can make a big difference. What Dave Brailsford referred to as “Marginal Gains”.

A footballer who can accelerate that little bit quicker can go from a 15 goal to a 25 goal a season striker. The marathon runner who can improve their posture when running goes from a 3:03 to a sub 3 marathon runner. The MMA player with that bit more flexibility and movement in their back goes from a Bronze to a Gold medal at their next comp.

The approach is to look at you, how you move and how you perform. Then look at your sport and then design a programme to get you better at that sport.

Over the years there has been notable successes with this unique approach; sub 3 marathons, faster bowling at cricket, footballers playing at higher levels than previously and many others.
Get in touch and let Nu Physio and Fitness take your performance to that next level.

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